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A comprehensive course teaching you the fundamentals of being a Top Drawer Man detailing how to present yourself, acquire wealth, expand your network, surround yourself with the right women, solve problems, and train your mindset. We also dig into the maintenance of the Top Drawer Man title by understanding the process as it evolves, aspiring to be the best, not getting complacent, and how to position yourself in the new world you find yourself in once things and people change.

  • Presenting yourself as a top-drawer man with powerful energy
    • First impressions, physical fitness, masculine frame, hygiene, speech, body language, eye contact, dress sense, and punctuality.

  • The acquisition of wealth.
    • Employment vs Self Employment.
    • Setting up a business, being creative, investing into & educating yourself, and setbacks.
    • Work rate, attitude towards work, establishing priorities and developing your mindset.
    • Knowing how to spend time and money to make money.
    • Being relentless in your pursuit of being a better version of yourself every day.

  • The power of a strong network.
    • Being comfortable in your own company.
    • Surrounding yourself with the right friends, associates, business partners, and role models.
    • Where to spend time, and how to leverage your skillset and contacts to attract opportunities.
    • Knowing the value of being owed a favour, rather than owing a favour.
    • Using your contacts without asking too much of them.
    • The importance of maintaining relationships/friendships and not burning bridges.

  • The importance of surrounding yourself with women that compliment your life.
    • The power of a good woman by your side & the process of betasization.
    • Understanding what men and women actually want from each other.
    • Why Top Drawer Men attract the vast majority of women.
    • Emotionless one-night-stands VS retaining a high-value woman.
    • Spinning plates VS long-term relationships with strong foundations.
    • Detecting and dealing with red flags in women.

  • The importance of problem-solving and making your own decisions.
    • Escaping dictatorship of working for others and creating your own destiny.
    • Being the person that solves the problem, rather than being reliant on others.
    • Being a shepherd rather than a sheep and backing your own competence.
    • Owning your choices, taking responsibility, and being accountable for your mistakes.
    • Think carefully before every move, and only make mistakes once.

  • Shifting your understanding of the world and training your mind.
    • Motivators, discipline, time management, manifestation, and the law of attraction.
    • Being proactive rather than reactive.
    • Providing something rather than consuming something, and avoiding addictive activities.
    • Understanding that anything’s possible.
    • Enjoying the difficulties and challenges you face.
    • Addictions will be the death of you.
    • The power of saying ‘No’.
  • Understanding the process as it evolves.
    • Knowing your place and how to behave around others.
    • Knowing which people and what situations to avoid.
    • Recognising that people and things will change.
    • Building routines around what your priorities are.

  • Aspiration and Complacency.
    • Have a clear-cut vision with SMART goals.
    • Falling into complacency, and finding the next mountain to climb.
    • Learning what motivates you and knowing your purpose.
    • Staying ahead of the competition.

  • Positioning yourself in the new world you find yourself in.
    • Creating an Inner Circle.
    • Being a public figure VS going ghost.
    • Dealing with jealousy, and reading people’s intentions.
    • Testing competence and judging character.
    • Personal safety and security.
    • The safety and security of family, friends, ideas and assets.


As a Top Drawer Man, I have relentlessly pursued excellence, achieving remarkable feats at a young age. By 16, I became a 2nd Dan black-belt kickboxer, and at 18, a world champion powerlifter, breaking 10+ world records by 21. By 22, I reached millionaire status and mentored over 100 clients to 6-figure success by 23. My dedication, business acumen, and entrepreneurial spirit have driven me to surpass expectations.

Despite the allure of supercars and private jets, my humble beginnings as a fast-food chef ground me and highlight the transformative power of resilience and determination. Alongside Cameron, I ventured into business, establishing TDM as the leading OnlyFans agency, generating millions monthly. Our innovative chat service and unmatched courses redefine online education, empowering clients to reach new heights of success.

My journey as a 27-year-old millionaire reflects relentless pursuit, determination, and personal growth. By age 27, I became a self-made millionaire through unmatched discipline and perseverance. It was not just about financial success but a testament to my belief in self-improvement. From my first paycheck at McDonald’s at 16, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Through diverse experiences, including managing a recruitment agency and working alongside billionaires, I learned the power of smart choices, networking, and hard work. This drove me to build TDM, an eight-figure per month business empire. As Top Drawer Men, we embody masculinity, empowering others to achieve their potential, defy norms, and control their destiny.


Become a Top Drawer Man today and schedule your initial 30 minute consultation.

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  • Grow your business.
  • Fix your relationship.
  • Get in shape.
  • Strengthen your mind.

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